About us

Our purpose

With the launch of Demola Program of the University of Pécs in 2019, our goal was to help the collaboration between the for- or nonprofit regional players and the University and foster the implementation of the university-centred innovation ecosystem concept, and at the same time offer new opportunity for our students to put their knowledge, fresh viewpoint and creativity into practice.


Demola – working together for future positive changes


Demola is a global community of university students, organizations and foresight experts, an innovation platform where all the players are driven by the desire to make a difference in our future.


To achive our purpose…

we implemented and now we use Demola as a tool. A tool that acts as a bridge between the parties through special forsight methodology and collaborative teamwork to …

  • envision possible solutions or directions for improvement on certain issues;
  • indicate and help interpret new signals, trends coming from the global world that may have a serious impact on our decision making;
  • involve available stakeholders to validate this work, and help to spread the information etc.

Our goal is to constantly look for collaboration opportunities, include as many future oriented, innovation-driven issues as possible in Demola challenges, and with the generated outcomes support the flow of information, build trust and collaboration among the participants of our regional ecosystem.

We believe that with the right mindset and fresh viewpoint of the young generation, with curiosity for future problems and with a multidisciplinary and cooperative approach we can make considerable impact.

How does Demola work? Who can be involved?