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What the Demola Program can offer



Forsight innovation perspective

The Demola Method gives you results you never expected. With the of our help facilitators and futue experts, we suport student teams and guide them through the 8-week process.

Collaborative approach

The guided method provides an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved.



Real challenges

Whether it is about understanding and rethinking real world questions and or focusing on certain corporate issues, our challneges are current and the results are interresting also from a broader perspective.

Usable solutions

What do Generation Z think? We offer solutions to reposition yourself and get sustainable results in the long term.




This is our story
Demola Global is a Finnish incubation programme that is now present in more than 15 countries. The award-winning method facilitates collaboration between students and companies in the form of projects at both local and international level. In 2019, University of Pécs also joined and launched own projects in the framework of Demola Pécs.

More cultures, more visions. The diversity of project teams ensures broad perspectives.


Get inspired, learn and create as a student, find the missing puzzle as a company.


Students are preselected for actual challanges. Diverse team for new discoveries.


We provide ongoing opportunities for both students and project owners to achieve their goals.

Actual Projects and News


Demola Workshop Nr.2

Demola PTE launches a new series of forum discussions for business partners open to future innovation challenges. The first session of the series, the

2nd május 2022

Students First

'Student first' is an actual Demola project that focuses on higher educational challenges. How should the higher education experience be like from the

7th február 2022

Innovation co-creation initiative kicks off in Zambia

Innovation co-creation initiative kicks off in Zambia - Zambian private sector teams up with students to develop solutions for future challenges and

21st október 2021

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Head of the Technology Transfer Office
Innovation and Demola manager, Demola facilitator

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