Technolgy offers

"Ember Arm" - an innovative upper limb prosthesis

The product called “Ember Arm” -developed by an interdisciplinary research team- is a costeffective and innovative upper limb prosthesis, mostly made with 3D printing technology, which with the support of its functions, countless daily routines and activities can be performed in the case of acqui

Flash-flood Risk Assessment Map and Forecaster / Warning System

Currently, our researchers the spatial and the temporal patterns and behavior of rainfall events in Hungary and prepared a hazard map that is based on both passive and active environmental factors (APFB model).

Rationalization of the spatial structure of supplier system using roads

This know-how is based on the GRASS GIS system for determining the time spacing between point-linked objects connected to a road network.

Identity and knowledge

The essence of the Identity and Knowledge pedagogical method is to establish a connection between the self and the knowledge to be acquired. By placing the knowledge in a personal context, it can create intrinsic (self-rewarding) motivation.

Device for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Detection

Our research group developed a special prototype to use in liver examinations. The experiments are ongoing, we made comparative studies to certify the quality and accuracy of the measuring method.

Nanotechnological medicine formulation for steroids

The fast and powerful anti-inflammatory effects of steroid preparations are known as well as metabolic side-effects (such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hormonal metabolic disorders, etc.) in long-term treatments. The steroid medicines usually contain the active compound as a free solution, which is

Biochem City – Educational application for mobile devices

The biochemistry course is an integral part of all life science training (medical doctor, dentist, biologist, biotechnologist, veterinarian, food and agricultural engineer). It is one of the most difficult disciplines and is the bottleneck of the basic module in most training.

Methods and materials for reducing ischemia-reperfusion injury

Ischemia is a restriction in blood supply to tissues, which causes a shortage of elements needed for the tissues to survive such as oxygen and glucose. Surprisingly, the restoration of the physiological blood flow (e.g., reperfusion) causes further tissue lesions in many cases.

Methodology for processing satellite data

Thanks to the open data policy of space agencies, the space-industry has been moving very fast in recent years. The processing of satellite images provides a new, innovative opportunity for environmental science applications.

Finding the most implantable embryo

The efficiency of embryo implantation is surprisingly low in humans. In an attempt to increase the chances of pregnancy in infertile women, many in vitro fertilization (IVF) centres transfer more than one embryos. This in turn also increases the hazard of twin pregnancies.