Life sciences

"Ember Arm" - an innovative upper limb prosthesis

The product called “Ember Arm” -developed by an interdisciplinary research team- is a costeffective and innovative upper limb prosthesis, mostly made with 3D printing technology, which with the support of its functions, countless daily routines and activities can be performed in the case of acquired or congenital limb deficiency.
The great advantage of the myoelectrical controllable device is that it not the patient must accommodate to the prothesis’ master muscle functions according to the permanent settings, also prosthesis gestures can be taught.

Biochem City – Educational application for mobile devices

Keywords: biochemistry learning, software, gamification, preparing for biochemistry exams

The biochemistry course is an integral part of all life science training (medical doctor, dentist, biologist, biotechnologist, veterinarian, food and agricultural engineer). The most challenging part of learning biochemistry successfully is understanding and memorizing the reactions with the structural formula of the molecule and understanding the systemic network of these reactions. Biochemcity is a language-independent mobile application that breaks the past practice and tries to provide a new concept to teach biochemical core material  (biochemical reactions).


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