Method and Instruments in field of Electrical-Impedancy-based Soft Tomography

Czibók Balázs
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The subject of the patented method is a data collection and data processing procedure. By this method, the internal structure of the inhomogeneous material structure can be electrically excited, which can be determined by the measured electrical space parameters. The sensors are located on the surface of the material. During the measurement combined with electrical excitation and multiple translucent frequencies, the resolution is increased and after processing the information density of the results is significantly increased.

The invention has a high potential for utilization, and the planned diagnostic instrument development also promises a large market.

Our research group developed a special prototype to use in liver examinations. The experiments are ongoing, we made comparative studies to certify the quality and accuracy of the measuring method. The possible outcomes of liver fat measuring device: a non-invasive method of liver fat, suitable for use with a clinical patient bed.

Fejlesztési szint/Development level: 
Prototype in level TRL 6, data-processing algorithm, validation with clinical studies
Iparjogvédelmi státusz/IP Status: 
Patented in the EU and USA (PCT/HU2016/050062). Patent pending in Canada and Japan.