Get to know DEMOLA!

Want to try something new? Would you like to meet like-minded people? Want to get involved in a creative process but don't have an idea yet?

New Demola challeges

Let us invite you to take part in DEMOLA, our new innovation opportunity for you all!

Multidimensional aspect in creating co-working spaces - Final Demonstration

We have just arrived the last, but the most important milestone of our first Demola journey. On 27th April we will organise an online presentation to introduce the solution for the Demola challenge with the title "Multidimensional aspect in creating co-working spaces".

Practice living - Activity organiser

The experts of the Demola Budapest have started the Practice living project, they have developed a special booklet, which can help you to plan and manage your daily routine!

DEMOLA: One for Humanity

The world has changed, and it will affect the lives of everyone we know. Everything is moving online, and the demand for online content has risen to new levels. It is more vital now than ever that we don’t let people isolate themselves from society.