Technology transfer at the University

What happens if the University decides by the utilization and/or selling of the intellectual product?

In case of utilization and/or selling the intellectual product – according to the provisions of the statutory instruments in force - an appropriate remuneration will be the inventor’s due.

The income of the utilization (after reduction of charges related to the legal protection and the utilization processes) will be shared among the inventor(s), the faculty (institutional unit) and the Innovation Fund of the University of Pécs in the following percentage ratios:

·         Inventor(s): 70%

·         Faculty / institutional unit: 10%

·         Innovation Fund: 20%

In the case of more than one inventor the amount of money has to be divided by the inventor-share.

What happens if the University disclaims the rights of the accepted intellectual product?

In case of a service invention University has to offer the right of disposition for the inventor for free, if there is any activity which disqualify the patent protection or due to wilful negligence.

The inventor has to make a statement on acceptation of the rights offered by the University to the Technology Transfer Office within 8 days of delivery. If the inventor does not make a clear statement within 8 days, then it must be understood as (s)he has waived his/her right of disposition.