R&D&I cooperation


Would you be glad if your R&D&I projects were managed by excellent researchers at one of the best universities of Hungary?

Would you like to expand your R&D competence and capacity?

Would you like to outsource your R&D&I activity?

Would you like to achieve sustainable competitive advantage on your market with a new (patentable) product or service?

Do you need a university as a partner for utilizing available grant opportunities?

Do you need professional advices or counselling for your R&D&I project?


If you have answered yes for any of these questions, please contact with us and read the followings to know our services.

Address: 7622 Pécs, Vasvári Pál u. 4

Telephone: +36-72/ 501-500 / 12032

E-mail: ktto@pte.hu

In interest of a successful cooperation Technology Transfer Office provides the followings:

  • mapping the innovation and research potential of the University of Pécs on a regular basis
  • searching for intellectual products at the University of Pécs to create an Intellectual Product Portfolio and managing them from the idea to the utilization
  • counselling in the fields of innovation management and protection of industrial property in cooperation with the National Office of Intellectual Property (and PATLIB Centre)
  • identifying intellectual assets, funding and, finding business partners and investors, managing intellectual property protection (industrial property rights) and copyright procedures
  • innovation management, innovation marketing, business consultancy and grant facilitation services
  • generating R&D projects, creating business plans, fundraising, R&D&I marketing, corporate connections, finding business partners and projects
  • managing utilization and R&D contracts with national and foreign partners
  • founding spin-off and start-up companies and mentoring them
  • assessing the innovation needs of the economy and transferring the assessment to the researchers
  • spreading business innovation culture through trainings, forums and partner meeting events
  • participation in national and international professional organisations and networks


Forms and frames of cooperation

Every R&D cooperation is different and it is very important to negotiate the conditions on several occasions in personally before signing it, that’s why an innovation manager and an intellectual property lawyer (IP manager) also take care of each contracts.

In the agreement the followings have to be fixed

  • labour and cost sharing
  • proprietary rights and utilization conditions of the Intellectual Product (result of the R&D cooperation)
  • confidential treatment of the given information and the details of the professional confidentiality

The main contract types which we offer for potential partners are the followings:

1.      Research contract

Every bi- or multi-lateral legal statement – independently of the transaction’s title - is a research contract if the university has to accomplish R&D activities and the customer is obligated to receive it and pay fee for it.

2.      Scientific service providing contract (henceforward: service contract)

Every bi-or multilateral legal statement – independently of the transaction’s title – is a service contract if the university has to provide scientific service with university’s  equipment and professional knowledge and the customer is obligated to receive it and subject to fee and it contributes to the R&D&I activity of the contracting party.

For example these services could be the followings: testing, measuring, routine analysis etc.

3.      Scientific counselling contract (henceforward: counselling contract)

Every bi-or multilateral legal statement is a counselling contract – independently of the transaction’s title – is a counselling contract if the university provides consulting services on the basis of its public servant’s professional knowledge and the customer is obligated to receive it and subject to fee and it contributes to the R&D&I activities of the contracting party.

4.      Other scientific research related contracts

The followings belong to this topic:

·         Material Transfer Agreement

·         Non-disclosure Agreement related to the R&D activity

·         Research support (grant) agreement

·         Consortium Agreement for the R&D project

·         any other R&D&I related contract or agreements.

If you are interested in R&D cooperation, apply by phone, by e-mail or personally at our associates


Some of our partners:

Gedeon Richter Plc.

E.ON Hungary Group

Siemens Plc. 

MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant cPlc.

ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd.