Patent Library Center

What is PATLIB?

The network of the Patlib (PATent LIBrary)  founded by the European Patent Office and the member state community of the European Patent Convention  for spreading industrial property rights protection and copyright information. In several European countries (e.g.: Austria, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain) the PATLIB centres are at universities’ central libraries.

The main aim of the PATLIB Centre is to provide intellectual property rights information for researchers, students, economic, engineering and science professionals.

PATLIB centres provide local access to patent information and related issues. They are familiar with the local industrial, economic and business landscape, and provide valuable services to innovative entrepreneurs, SMEs and private inventors.

PATLIB centres can also provide practical assistance on other intellectual property rights.

Why is it advantageous for the University of Pécs?

·         we can enjoy the advantages of being a member of an international network

·         our colleagues get up-to-date information on the regularly organised trainings

·         we have the opportunity to represent the University on international events

·         it could strengthen the innovation activity of the University knowledge centre and the businesses

The PATLIB Centre of the University of Pécs provides client service and information service in all intellectual property rights related issues.

The main areas of consultancy:

·         the forms and tools of intellectual property rights

·         advice on patent strategy

·         guidance on commercialisation/technology transfer.

·         intellectual property databases, information sources

·         infringement of intellectual property rights and legal remedy related issues

·         conditions of a patent-pending procedure

·         offering patent attorneys

·         trademark and design related topics, company and product names, logo

·         extension of rights to the EPO member states, national and international applications

·         information about EPO and WIPO fees

·         copyright information

·         The professional books and periodicals published by the National Office of Intellectual Property are also available in the PATLIB office.  


Who can profit from PATLIB Services?

·         Those, who are uncertain in the novelty of their invention and are afraid of a possible infringement

·         Those, who are afraid of illegal production of their innovative products

·         Those, who are uncertain in using a technic without any legal consequences

·         Those, who have made a perfect business plan or have created a brand new software and just want to know how they can avoid priority and copyright related problems, possible dispute in the future

·         Those, who face any intellectual property related problems


The PATLIB Centre’s services are available for anybody and includes (just) information providing of intellectual property rights and it is free. Services are available in the central building of the University of Pécs (II. floor 4. Vasvári Pál Str., Pécs 7622) after preliminary registration.