The University of Pécs is one of the biggest Research Universities in Hungary with its nearly 30 000 students, 2000 researchers, 21 doctoral schools and with its 10 faculties. It is also the knowledge centre of the South Transdanubian Region and the first University of Hungary, which dates back to 1367.

It plays a key role in all intellectual areas of the region, education, arts, science and in healthcare as well. 

The Technology Transfer Office was founded in 2005 and provides its services for researchers, students and for business partners.


Our mission is to create an environment that provides  an optimal flow of knowledge for the local knowledge bases and innovative entrepreneurs


Our colleagues have significant market experience and skills. Our team has been participated in identification, legal protection and utilization of more than 80 intellectual products in the last several years.

Our main aim is to provide high quality services for our internal and external clients, and to help the utilization of our intellectual products all around the world.