Szentágothai Research Center

Szentágothai Research Center

High-field Terahertz Research Group
Research Areas: 

The high-intensity terahertz research group of the Univeristy of Pécs studies the medical application of pumping laser pulses, utilizes its findings in the field of development of X-ray devices. With the use of the findings, much cheaper devices can be developed than currently. Seeks partners who intend to use its services and seeks research cooperation from the field of life and medical sciences, material sciences and other fields.


Products & Services: 

The higher THz pulse energy makes it possible to prepare the spectrally resolved images more quickly. With the high Emax field strength of the high energy THz pulses the macromolecules can be oriented for structural tests. High positioning accuracy Slight thermal zone  Dynamic heat stress High corrosion resistance

The technology offer of the research group having large experience in the field of research and application of laser technologies and secondary light sources and generation and application of extreme high electric field strength terahertz pulses, related to the possible use of pumping laser pulses in the treatment of cancer. The terahertz radiation is an electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves, visible light or even X-ray radiation. Currently the highest, electronically generated frequency is few times 10 gigahertz. 
The generation of terahertz pulses - which have a frequency thousand times bigger than gigahertz - with the help of ultra-short laser pluses has been started quarter of century earlier. The terahertz pulse created in this way contains essentially one cycle. The R+D projects of the recent years in the university made it possible to show that the efficiency of the generation of the terahertz pulses can be centuplicated by using pumping laser pulses longer than the ones applied previously, even the energy of 10 millijoule terahertz pulses will be
possible to generate. If we focus them, 100 MV/cm field strength will be achievable as well.
With the help of such field strengths, the charged particles can be manipulated efficiently as well, and such applications can lead to the building of X-ray free electron lasers and ion accelerators which are ten times shorter and therefore much cheaper.
The latter can be used in hadron therapy i.e. the destruction of cancerous tissues with high energy ion beam. A patent application was submitted for such use of extreme high field strength terahertz pulses, while two other application are under preparation. 


Special instrumentation, laboratory: 

THz pump-probe equipment
Pumping laser
High intensity, special wave length ultra-short pulse lasers


Research Group's leader: 
János Hebling